Made for Home Showroom: The Fall Edition

Fall home decor

"Autumn carries more gold in it's pockets than all the other seasons"

We're always in awe at what that this time of year has to offer. Made for Home has always felt like a natural extension of ourselves; from the products that are hand-picked, the collections curated, the hours spent mulling over fabrics and finishes, displays dreamt up in our minds that come to life - it all starts with a vision that only takes shape when you truly believe in its potential - and boy did we believe in it this fall. 

Beyond the products we bring in, we wanted to find a way to bring our showroom to life as well and make it an experience for all who visit. If someone leaves our store feeling happy and inspired, then we've done our job. That was the inspiration behind the displays we added to the showroom this fall.

The Floral arch

We didn't exactly have a plan for these paper flowers when we found them at market this past January, we just knew we HAD to have them. Building an arch with them just felt right the closer fall got, so that's exactly what we did. We ran into a little hiccup when we realized we didn't have enough flowers to fill the whole space but found a quick solution by adding in some leftover pages from the book wall! Improvising is the name of the game around here. 

Fall Decor

The book wall

Sometimes when customers come in and see the book wall, the first thing they ask is, "you tore apart a book?". No no no, actually, we tore apart a TON of $.50 books from Goodwill and gave them a new home. 

The wall was actually already a part of the store before fall, but we added even more (you'll never guess it), books to the wall this season to give it more dimension! We also painted our favorite fall quote, "It is fall, the season of memory," in the middle - it's not pictured but you can see the process and final product here

The Front window

There's nothing we wouldn't do to create a good Harry Potter moment and what a better way to bring a little magic into the store than hanging floating books and book pages in the front windows? Believe it or not, this was much more of a labor of love than we anticipated it to be, but it was well worth it nonetheless. Also, can you tell we have a thing for books? 

It's never lost on us the beauty that this season has to offer. We'll always embrace it and all the comfort and inspiration it has to offer with wide-open arms. We hope you have a chance this fall to stop in, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy all the beauty and inspiration this autumn showroom has to offer. 

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