Gingerbread House Swedish Dishcloth

Gingerbread House Swedish Dishcloth

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These dishcloths will be your "go to" cloth for all your kitchen and general household cleaning: streak-free cleaning of your counters, windows and mirrors, damp dusting shelves, wiping down the sink, cleaning stainless steel, glass stove tops, the back of the refrigerator handle... Christmas magic indeed!

We left out all the bad stuff and kept it simple:
* 70% Cellulose (wood pulp) & 30% Cotton.
* Each dishcloth replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels
* Size: 8" x 6.75" (size of a washcloth)
* Machine washable and bleach safe
* 100% biodegradable- Use for 6-9 months then compost!

Each dishcloth has a removable sticker on the back explaining what this fabulous sponge cloth is all about.

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