Made for Home Custom Matte White Candles
Made for Home Custom Matte White Candles

Made for Home Custom Matte White Candles

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Made for Home's custom candles are a hit every season, and this summer we are bringing our lovely customers fun pastel vessels to match all homes, and to bring in a subtle color. Choose between our most popular scents... We would tell you which one is our favorite, but they all smell just AMAZING.

These candles are made here in our Nashville workshop, with 100% Vegan soy wax, and essential oil blends. They are clean, non toxic, and contain NO parabens, No Phthalate, are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. You can feel confident in burning them safely at home. 

11 oz. , 55+ hour burntime



Be sure to let your candle burn for an even pool of wax all the way across during the first burn. (usually 3 hours the first time). This will ensure your candle will not tunnel, and it will burn evenly the rest of it's life. Be sure to trim wick before every burn to 1/4 inch tall. Never leave burning unattended, and keep away from pets + kids!

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