Styling Your Home for Spring - Our Favorite Tips and Tricks

The thought of seasonally decorating your home may sound daunting, but at Hannesson Home, we are here with products and tips to make it easy for you. Just as the clothes we wear change from season to season, the same could be said for the decor in our home.



Tip #1: Change the Throw Pillows

Changing your pillows, whether in your living room or bedroom, is an easy way to change the feel of your home each season. Opting for lighter colors in the pink, green, orange, and yellow tones bring in the warmth of spring. We love throwing a pouf on the floor (check out our cotton embroidered poof) and incorporating lots of texture with tassels and fringe (check out our wide selection of pillows here).


Tip #2: Incorporating Seasonal Flowers & Stems

Using flowers that put off a renewing feel are perfect for updating your vases, bowls or anywhere where you may have floral arrangements in your house. We recommend our olive branch, dried artichokes, fern with exposed roots, lemon tree with cement pot, string of pearls, and trailing succulent. Pair them with our Glass Vintage Bottle Vase, Cane Wrapped Glass Vase, Mango Ridged Footed Bowl or Hand-Carved Teak Wood Bowl to achieve the best spring settings.


Tip #3: Update your Table Settings

Changing your napkins and dishes are an easy way to decorate for the season. During spring, we love a soft plaid or linen napkin (click here) with fringe, paired with our stoneware plates and bowls. For the centerpiece, use any of our above recommended flowers and stems. 


Tip #4: Freshen up Those Curtains

Textiles are a great way to breathe new life into a room. When it’s spring, lighter-weight fabrics or sheers are better suited. And while we personally feel fabric type and texture should guide you first as you think about changing your curtains, pattern and color can also be considered. For color we recommend soft colors such as pink, green, orange, yellow and white.


Whether it be replacing a few throw pillows throughout your home or doing a full overhaul of your space, styling your home with the seasons as they change is the perfect way to fully embrace all they have to offer. What is your favorite way to redecorate for spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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